Choir Exhibition


The week long celebrations will kick off with the popular Choir Exhibition on Sunday 3rd September which showcases local church choir vocal talents. Representing various denominations from around the country, 10 groups will each perform a hymn during the evening and adds to Samoa’s Christian tradition of opening events with a prayer and a hymn.

John Williams from the London Missionary Society arrived in Savai’i in 1830 with eight Christian teachers to spread the word. Today the motto on Samoa’s crest reads, Fa’avae I Le Atua Samoa – ‘Samoa is founded on God’, and found in every village are churches of various denominations. Samoans are devoted Christians and Sunday is a day of worship hence the Choir Exhibition.

Samoans are known for their vocal talents and so it has become a highlight for every visitor to attend a church on Sunday and listen to the heavenly voices of the church choirs!

Join us as we rejoice through singing and celebrate the start of the Teuila Festival!